Hand Surgery

When your hands cannot function properly or cause you pain due to injury, arthritis, or the normal aging process, even a minor problem can affect your quality of life.

Hand SurgeryOur hand surgeons appreciate how essential hands are to how you work, drive, tie your shoes, cook a meal, or even brush your hair. We know how pain, swelling, and decreased strength can limit what you do and how frustrating that can be. As board-certified and fellowship-trained hand surgeons, we specialize in reconstructive hand surgery that restores maximum function.

A detailed physical exam of the hand by an experienced expert is critical because ultrasounds or MRI scans often do not reveal the problem. We take a dynamic, functional approach to see how your hand is not working, diagnose the problem, and set up effective treatment.

We focus on reconstructive hand surgery to restore function to arthritic thumbs, alleviating compressive neuropathy with carpal tunnel release surgery, and treating brachial plexus palsy from traumatic injuries with delicate nerve transfers. We also commonly treat overuse injuries to the hand and wrist, including De Quervain’s disease and tendinosis, as well as wrist and hand fractures.

Shoulders, elbows, and hands work together to help you reach and grasp, but your hand function is the most critical to getting them all working together properly. This is why hand therapy is intimately associated with virtually every treatment, and starting as soon as possible after the injury makes a big difference.

Conditions Treated

Hand Surgery is an option if you or a loved one suffer from the following conditions:

Degenerative Joint Disease

Meet our Hand Surgery Specialists:

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