Many things happen during major orthopaedic surgeries that you don’t see in other areas of surgery.

AnesthesiaThat's why it's so important that Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at St. Vincent’s Medical Center’s orthopaedic surgeons collaborate with specially trained anesthesiologists.

Our highly subspecialized group of orthopaedic anesthesiologists are board-certified and fellowship-trained in regional anesthesia and pain management. We watch over your physiological medical care during surgery, and keep you safe under anesthesia. This gives our orthopaedic surgeons peace of mind as well, so they can focus 100 percent of their energy and concentration on your surgical procedure.

Anesthesia services for Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute patients are provided by Integrated Anesthesia Associates, the largest group of its kind in the state.

How We Work: Fewer Risks, Faster Recovery

Our techniques minimize the unique risks associated with orthopaedic surgery, including blood clots and bleeding concerns in joint replacement surgery. We get you back to moving around as soon as possible after surgery to minimize these risks. When nerves are numb, the muscles near them do not work properly and as a result can become weaker. To circumvent this, we use advanced orthopaedic anesthesiology techniques, including regional and peripheral anesthetics (long-acting pain blocks with a goal to minimize use of narcotics), whenever possible. These types of anesthesia enable you to use your muscles faster after surgery, and minimize muscle weakness, enabling you to get up and go home faster after your procedure. In addition, spinal anesthetics reduce the risk of blood loss during surgery and the potential for blood clots, which are greater under general anesthesia.

Pre-Surgery Screening 

Our anesthesiologists will know of any special issues you may have ahead of time, so we can best plan for your surgery. This screening ensures you are in your best state of health and are as optimized as you can be before undergoing elective procedures like total joint replacement surgery.

Conditions Treated

Anesthesia administration is an option if you or a loved one suffer from the following conditions:

Degenerative Joint Disease

Spinal Stenosis

Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at St. Vincent's Medical Center