Pre-Admission Center

PACs offer comprehensive pre-operative care for all patients scheduled for elective surgery. All patients must have a surgeon affiliated with Hartford HealthCare to participate.


What is pre-operative testing?

Pre-operative testing includes having your blood drawn, an EKG, and a nasal screening.

Do I require an anesthesia evaluation?

You will require an anesthesia evaluation if requested by the patient’s surgeon.

Will my doctor instruct me on steps after my surgery?

We offer Patient Education for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.

What is required before your surgery? 

Before surgery, a pre-operative history and physical are required for those unable to obtain. This includes who have not yet secured a primary care provider and/or prefer to complete their preoperative testing at PAC in a single visit.


Patients may request an appointment at PAC by calling the appointment line.

Call 475.210.5682

Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at St. Vincent's Medical Center