Patient Testimonials

Paul Elkin

On Broadway, performing in shows like "Whoopee!" really did a number on Paul Elkin's hip.

After years of hoping the pain would go away, Paul decided on hip replacement surgery at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Immediately after surgery, Paul was up and around and pain-free. His advice to anyone with joint pain that can be repaired with surgery, "go to St. Vincent's and get it done."

Great experience from beginning to exit. Staff was very friendly and quick with responding to my needs. Thank you for your professionalism.

- Jacqueline

If I had another knee I would go back to St. V.'s if it needed replacement.

- Jerry Weller

Felt like an all-inclusive resort hotel. Very pleased.

- Attilio Pasqua

Very pleased with the care I received - my nurse Dan or Don, can't remember which one, he was excellent. I was on the 7th floor room 728.

- Lanett Henthorn


Dwight Davis

At the gym or on the road, Dwight Davis loved riding his bike…. until an unrelated fall two years ago caused such knee pain he couldn’t enjoy the ride anymore.

Then he had a total knee replacement at St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Find out how this brand-new orthopaedic destination is helping him get back on the bike and on the road to normal.

In all my experience in St. Vincent's hospital was great the staff - they were very compassionate on my well begin. If I ever need another replacement surgery I know where to go. Thanks again - I can't wait to go back to normal life, and be able to do all things in life that I love.

- Michael Pihonak

I was expecting the usual nasty hospital food that I remember from loved ones being hospitalized. I was pleasantly surprised at how times have changed. The food was great! As a RN myself, there is not any other way to describe the nurses & CNA's... wonderful, kind, knowledgeable, helpful but most of all compassionate. I was more than grateful.

- Donna Cioffi

I was very happy with everybody in the hospital - surgeon, nurses - they will treat him very good and I recommend it to anybody

- Lydia Torres

Kelli Hannan was in intolerable knee pain at the gym and throughout her day – until she had a total knee replacement at St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelli felt safe in the hospital where everyone was wearing masks, sanitizing surfaces, and constantly hand washing. Learn more about Kelli’s safe, exceptional experience.

Perfect from the start. Lynn Lamparelli suffered with arthritis until she decided to have both of her knees replaced – one before COVID-19 and the other during the pandemic.

Learn more about how the protocols put in place at St. Vincent’s Medical Center made her feel safe throughout her experience.

After a car accident with a tractor trailer in 2019, Melina Pedraza was in pain every day. She had nerve damage and had a tough time walking. When other treatments didn’t help, she opted for spinal surgery, and turned to Dr. Gerard Girasole, co-director of the Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport.

Using new 7D radiation-free technology, he was able to perform a time consuming spinal fusion surgery in a short period of time and get pinpoint accuracy. Melina did exceptionally well, and within hours after surgery, she was out of bed and her leg pain was gone.

Connecticut Orthopaedic Institute at St. Vincent's Medical Center